We first ventured to Dubai when the city was still young and mysterious. We were astonished by the role that perfumery played within the Middle Eastern Culture. Immersed in history and thousands of years of local traditions we realised in Dubai the ancient heritage and luxury of scent was everywhere.
There was nothing modest about the accommodation in this diverse international metropolis and we were never disappointed with the astonishing décor of these sumptuous and alluring hotels, where gold covered entire floors, and internal fountains, lavish designer shops, tantalising gastronomy, helipads and chauffeured Rolls Royce were the order of the day.
In fact, the whole experience of Dubai for us, was an opulent and beckoning trail of scent, leading us from the traditional powerful amber, saffron and musk to a sensuous base of rock rose and precious oudh, reminiscent of the glimmer of early evening stars over the ethereal Dubai skyline.
This city treats the art of perfumery with the greatest reverence and our fragrance merges this ancient heritage, with sensual, extravagant modernity and flair.